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  • You are a busy professional or parent between 30 - 49 years old, looking for a safe & systematic way to achieve financial stability not reliant on your job that doesn't seem like gambling
  • ​You are uncertain about inflation & relying on a single income for your family
  • ​You are worried about your job or desire a practical backup plan to consistently increase cashflow while safely maximizing your CPF returns. 
  • ​You desire more time with your family & financial certainty this 2021 with a practical step-by-step plan.
  • You are thinking about creating future-proof wealth but are confused by all the information out there and don't know how to start
  • You want to leave a legacy for your future generations without incurring expensive fees and compromising on your retirement plans
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Featured Instructor : Yvonne Megan
Parenting Advocate & Straits Times Featured Property Consultant
Trainer For More Than 4,000 Real Estate Professionals in PropNex and More Than 13,447 Families

11 Year Experience In Real Estate)

Co-Founder, Smart Parents Club

Property Investor & Author, Purpose-Driven Property Investment
Trainer For More Than 8,000 Real Estate Professionals in Singapore's largest listed real estate agency, PropNex 

Impacted More Than 13,447 Families

11 Year Track Experience In Real Estate

Co-Founder, Smart Parents Conference

Multi-Property Investor & Author, Purpose-Driven Property Investment
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This is a NO Sales, Pure Education Web Masterclass

Note: This Training is NOT For Everyone...

Not everyone is eligible to maximize their CPF, cashflow & savings with property. This training is only for parents and working professionals who put in the effort, realize that success does not come easy or overnight, and are willing to put in actual work when challenges arise. This training however will give you behind-the-scene insights on how thousands of smart parents already consistently increased their cashflow systematically regardless of market conditions even if they start with a single HDB with limited time or capital