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Are You A (Single) Parent Who Believe In Setting Up Your Child For Success In School & In Life

Are You Tired Of Stress, Pain, Lies, Anxiety, Mediocrity, Feeling Alone, Purposeless Living & Underachievement, and You Know In Your Heart That There Is More To Life Than This?

Do You Desire To Turn Your Struggles & Deepest Pain Into Your Greatest Transformation?

Do you Wish You Could Be A More Successful & Passionate Parent? Succeeding In Your Family, Business & Career And Want To Accelerate That Success?

Do You Desire Unlock Your Child's Fullest Potential & Understand How To Create An Environment To Support Them To Be The Very Best Version Of Themselves?

Are You Looking For A Way To Come Out Of This Recession Better Than You Got Into It With More Predictable, Reliable Results? (And To Help Struggling Parents While You Are At It?)

Do You Want Expert Insights, Proven Principles & Practical Strategies To Succeed At Home & In The Marketplace?
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Did You Know

What You Do Now Will Have Everything To Do With...
Whether Or Not You Thrive In 2021

From: Caleb Leng

Founder, Smart Parenting Conference, & Digital Strategist For Good
Dear Parent of Impact,

Did you know what you do now has everything to do with whether you will thrive in 2021?

Let's face it.

One of the greatest challenges we face as parents today is balancing our careers with marriage, with kids, with life, and health... and beyond.

You're Bored, Bleeding, Burned out, or even Broken Down.

Unifying your life is the struggle, never quite being able to put it all together.

Juggling the challenge!

And, YES!

We live in Unprecedented Times Today!
We'll reveal The Dangerously Quiet Cycle causing...

- Disconnected kids who consistently perform below their potential

- Confused & frustrated parents who yell at their kids for acting their age... and bury their attention into social media

- Personal & Family Accounts that leak money

- A disconnected marriage with droughts of intimacy & lack of connection to your kids or your faith.

- Compulsive procrastination and a severe lack of focus, strength, confidence & energy

- Feeling like you're "playing small" and leaving so much potential on the table.

Although we live in a more connected world, many parents find themselves living on the surface and somehow feeling more isolated then ever...
and the truth is, many parents feel empty & alone
Parenting & working simultaneous one of the most stressful things to juggle, 
coupled with isolation & lack of community, if not handled well...

something's gonna give way, either your relationship, or your own well-being. 

My own marriage gave way back in 2016 but you don't have to learn things the hard way!

This conference is put together to set you FREE to PIVOT and Unlock The Power Necessary to Produce Bigger Results, Find Purpose In Your Work, and Ultimately Expand Your Marriage, Business, Family & Life!

This conference will challenge you as a parent to....

Nurture Your Kids The Smart Way...


Rise As a Powerful Leader for yourself, your family, your teams, your clients & Your marketplace... 

By leveraging the SMART Parenting Way....
So What's The Difference?
There's so much information and noise out there but this is a 1-stop community where you get a whole tribe of mentor who believe in helping your family thrive this 2021...

From your parent-next-door, super successful parentpreneur to community & national leaders...

Coming out to share their journeys and practical actionable insights how they turned their mess into their message...

How they went against all odds and turned their pain & failures into their greatest transformation

These are ordinary people like you and I, who didn't have everything together...

Battling with the same issues you're probably faced with today and how they overcame them..

You can to!
There Is A PATH To Get You To The Next Level.
You'll learn how to discover your unique purpose as a parent & a global citizen... 

Discover how you can make specific small daily shifts that can inevitably change the trajectory of your life over time, 

resulting in thriving familiesbusiness successcommunity transformation and (inter) national movements!

Did you catch that?
I’m Talking About The RETURN TO SIMPLICITY & a kampung  spirit!
If you want to build strong relationships in your family and grow your business & impact, you do NOT need to reinvent the wheel, or come up with new ideas. 

Instead, you start by finding and learning timeless principles from the forerunners (in your niche) that are already having the most success!    

The modern day parent is constantly battled on so many fronts at one time, and we've identified 4 key pillars parents need in order to thrive in 2021.

1. Relationships *Marriage & Parenting)
2. Mentoring
3. Money
4. Impact
The Fun & Easy Conference Designed For Today's Busy Parents
It’s not by luck or coincidence …
It’s not because we walk you through expert insights with more than 30 years of research (though we’ll give you plenty at this event!)

And it’s not because we bring in experts on marriage, parenting, business & finance… (though we’ll have LOTS of that, too…)

It’s because at SPC20, you’ll learn the steps to get from where you are right now, to the NEXT level.

No matter where you are in your marriage, parenting or business career journey...

There's A PATH to take you from:

Struggling To Actually Thriving

to have it all in your marriage, family, business & finance this 2021. 

We are going to help you CLOSE THE GAP between where you are now...
And Where You Want To Be. 
What Does Your Better Life Look Like?
More free-time with spend with your family & loved ones?

More energy to easily get things done?

More fulfillment and less stress in your day-to-day life?

Future-ready kids who are resilient in today's digital age?
I'm not sure what a "thriving life" looks like for you...
but what we DO know is these small daily shifts (that you're getting in this conference) will help you get there.
And Here's The Cool Part...
Register Now and 
Automatically Stand A Chance To Win 
Monthly Prizes...
*Winners to be announced during the Virtual Summit
YES! You Immediately Stand A Chance To Win Prizes When You Register For The Summit!

Friday, December 18th

Pre-party: "Get To Know You" Session 10pm via Zoom

This Is NOT Like Any Other Event!
Unlike other parenting events, you won’t be sitting in some boring, stuffy conference…

And it’s not one way interaction, where every speaker is trying to tell you and take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths...

(Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

At SPC20, something special happens before our doors ever OPEN…

You’ll feel the anticipation and excitement coursing throughout your body building, as the pumping music sets the tone...

Our team will be there to welcome and greet you with virtual high-fives for everyone as you rush through the door to claim the best seat!

And the moment our Hosts takes the stage, you’ll realize that SPC20 was never just an event...
It’s an Online Community of Givers!
Here’s a closer look at the exciting journey we’ll be taking you on over the 6 days at Smart Parenting LIVE...

Saturday, December 19th

Roadmap To Success

The Party Officially Begins! DOORS OPEN AT 930am!

Dr Vivian Balakrisnan 

(Pre-Recorded Snippet) - On Marriage & Happiness - Dec 19 - 10am

The Most Important Gift You Can Give To Your Children
  • ​What real happiness means after 33 years of marriage, 4 children, 2 grandchildren ...
  • ​What is the best predictor of your child's future partner... with a 25 - 30 year look ahead...
  • ​How should you instruct your child when they look for their future spouse...
  • ​ How do you live a life bigger than yourself and know you're truly invested in the future...
  • ​Significant milestones, realizations and the ONLY missing thing...
  • ​One thing that gives your child(ren) an absolute sense of security ...
  • ​What old fashion values are critical in this day and age...

Jason Wong

Board Chairman, Focus On The Family - Dec 19 - 1030am

How To Parent Smart In This Day And Age
  • How to raise emotionally healthy children
  • ​How to create an environment for your child to succeed in school & in life
  • ​How to cultivate resilience in your child no matter the season
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Edwin Choy

Co-Founder, Centre For Fathering - Dec 19 - 1130am

The Fathering Difference
  • ​How does fathering affect our child for life ...
  • ​What more than 20 years of research has shown about the the importance of fathering...
  • ​What are some practical handles the modern day father can use to father more effectively & enjoy the process...

Wong Meiling

Author at Universal Scribbles & Career Coach. Former editor for The Asian Parent - Dec 19 - 1pm

Proven Strategies For Confident Kids & A Close Relationship
  • Why confidence is key to your child’s happiness
  • ​What is preventing your child from gaining confidence and how to boost it
  • ​Practical tips to get your child to share information about their lives with you
  • ​How to build a relationship bridge that transcends their growing-up phases (tween/teen to young adulthood).

Dr Leslie Tay

Founder, ieatishootipost & Doctor by Day - Dec 19 - 2pm

Does It Feel Like You’ve Become CHAINED To Your Own Business? 
  • ​How do you find your passion, purpose & live it out day to day?
  • ​How do you grow your income & impact at the same time without compromising time with your loved ones?
Interview: Unlocking Your Potential For True Happiness
  • ​What core beliefs, practical success habits & morning routine would you recommend for parents to achieve greater success & fulfilment in life
  • ​How do you handle stress and stay focused and productive
  • ​What was a turning point in your life that propelled you to where you are today
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Jason Ng

Family Coach & Founder, PSLE HUB - Dec 19 - 4pm

How Do You Discover Your Child's Multiple Intelligence
  • What are the multiple intelligences of my child(ren)
  • ​How to discover the learning styles and strengths of my kids?
  • ​How understanding our children's learning strengths will help maximize their potential to do well in school and in life

Emelyn Ho

Early Childhood Educator For The Last 25 Years. Founder, Cool Chinese. Expert Language Educator - Dec 19 - 5pm

Sure Fire Ways  To Cultivate Your Child's Love For Their 2nd Language
  • Discover The Hidden Benefits Of Being An Effective Bilingual And Why It’s Important To Start Early/Now! (This Will Blow Your Mind!!) ...
  • The One Shift You Can Make To Allow Your Child To Rediscover His/Her Passion In Their 2nd Language…
  • ​ Leverage On This Cool Daily Trick To Learn Chinese Vocab Fast Even If Your Child Hates Chinese.
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Athena Liang

Behavioral Therapist & Social Skill Educator for Children With Autism Dec 19 - 630pm

How Do You Nurture Kids With Special Needs
  • What kind of learners are most ASD children 
  • Expert insight into why certain behaviors occur 
  • ​Practical coping strategies for both child and parent

Gary Chew

Educator with 8 Years Experience and Undiscovered Award-Winning Stand Up Comedian. Father of a precious toddler - Dec 19 - 8pm

How Do You Nurture Strong-Willed Kids For Character & Academic Success
  • ​How do you hold difficult conversations with your child the SMART way
  • Principles & practical strategies when talking fails
  • ​Discover the transforming power of a single conversation with your child
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Sunday, December 20th

Catch Up Day 1  - Replay of yesterday's sessions

Monday, December 21st

Secret Of Smart Parents

The Party Continues! DOORS OPEN AT 830am!

Dr Peg Dawson

Professional psychologist, former president of International School Psychology Association & Multiple Book Author - Dec 21 - 9am

Practical Secrets To Nurturing Children & Adults With Learning & Attention disorders
  • How do you assess children & adults with learning & attention disorders. 
  • ​What are the top mistakes to avoid & how to manage these special needs
  • ​ Practical life hacks to live a more fulfilled life no matter where you are.

Judy Arnall

Best selling author of 5 Books, Certified Family Life Educator for Communication & Child Development For 23 Years & Mother of 5 Kids. Dec 21 - 11am

Discipline that build smart kids & optimize brain development
  • ​3 key steps to remaining calm, getting your child calm 
  • ​How to solve the discipline issue without punishment
  • ​ Damage that punishment does to the growing brain
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Carol Loi

Digital Literacy Educator & Family Coach With 2 Decades Serving In Ministry of Education & Media Development Authority - Dec 21 - 1pm

Carol Loi is a digital literacy educator and family coach. 

She founded Village Consultancy, a social enterprise that provides digital literacy education & family life education to youth, families and educators to enable them to thrive in the complex world. She has served in the Singapore public service for two decades, including the Ministry of Education and the Info-Communications Media Development Authority. She holds a Master in Business Administration, specialising in technology & human capital management. She and her husband are raising two teenagers.

Understanding the impact of social media & gaming on mental health
  • How our children thrive in their development
  • ​What is the relationship between social media, gaming & mental health
  • ​ How to support our children to have resilience as they gain independence in the online world
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Lup Wai

Parent Whisperer and Educator with 7 Years Of Experience 
Dec 21 - 2pm

Mother of 2 precious children and 7 years of experience in the education sector, Lup Wai has helped busy parents incorporate simple home learning structures and create better parent-child connection. Working with children of different age groups from preschoolers to teens, Lup Wai's deep passion for homeschooling led her to starting her blog, The Parent Whisperer to support parents in raising their children with an inquiring and growth mindset through science education.
Critical factors affecting a child's success
  • ​3 critical factors that affects a child's success and how parents can make an impact
  • ​The case for homeschooling, is it right for you?
  • ​ Managing parent & child expectation to thrive the day-to-day
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Kristie Lim

Founding Principal of The Mind Stretcher Education Group & Mother of 4 Including a 2012 President Scholar Whom She Coached 
Dec 21 - 4pm 

Your Deepest Pain Is Happening FOR You - Not To You.
Kristie Lim is the Founding Principal of the Mind Stretcher Education Group. She has 4 lovely kids and is passionate about Education, Parenting & Family matters.

A double-degree holder from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of London, Kristie is both a trained lawyer and accountant. She also has a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. 

A passionate educator at heart, Kristie has always believed that it is imperative to provide students with a good foundation from a young age. It was with this in mind that Mind Stretcher was conceived in 2002 – to provide value-added tutorial and enrichment lessons to the general masses and to stretch the potential of each and every student, regardless of his/her background. 

Kristie has been featured as a notable alumnus of Nanyang Business School (NTU) and is regularly invited to be a guest speaker for various university events & seminars. 

Her eldest son, a 2012 President’s Scholar whom she coached, is the best testimony of Kristie’s expertise as an educator.

From Single Mom 
To Education Chain Owner
  • How do you overcome social stigma and turn your pain into your greatest transformation
  • ​How do you practically excel both as a (single) parent & parentpreneur even if all the odds are against you
  • ​ How do you find your purpose regardless what life stage you are in
Your Deepest Pain Is Happening FOR You - Not To You.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Chong Eejay

Digital Literacy & Family Life Educator Counsellor - Dec 21 - 6pm

Ee Jay has conducted over 350 seminars, reaching out to more than 30,000 students, parents, educators and professionals locally and internationally.  

Ee Jay has provided counselling support and consultations to more than 500 children, teenagers, parents and counsellors and is 
a regular invitee for interviews on TV and radio channels for his views and insights on parenting, youth and family life matters. 

Formally with the 
Media Literacy Council for 6 years
Confident Parenting in the Digital Age
  • How to engage your child so that they can enjoy digital technology in healthy, balanced ways.
  • ​How does internet gaming and social media engagement impact our child's sleep, relationships & life.
  • ​ Get expert insight based on evidenced based parenting!
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Goh Aiyat

Visual Thinking & Business Skills Trainer/Coach, Entrepreneur, Educator, Storyteller. Aiyat lectures at RMIT for Creativity, Innovation & Design.
Dec 21 - 8pm

Sherrie Low

Visual Thinking & Business Skills Trainer, Writer, Storyteller. Sherrie formerly held senior positions at CNBC Asia Pacific, Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks, Channel NewsAsia and The Edge Singapore - Dec 21 - 8pm

Goh Ai Yat & Sherrie Low are principal course leaders in Asia for The Back of the Napkin™️ - Solving Problems with Pictures for Digital Roam Inc. (US). The Back of the Napkin was voted the Best Innovation Book of 2008 by Business Week and Fast Company.
Unlocking The Visual Genius In Your Child

  • How to help their children develop positive self-awareness, confidence and creativity. 
  • Step-by-step method to harness the incredible power of your child's visual mind to unleash your child's visual genius.
  • ​ How to empower your child to see with true clarity and engage the world in a deeply meaningful way
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)

Tuesday, December 22nd

Catch Up Day 2 - Replay of yesterday's sessions

Wednesday, December 23rd

Secrets To Purpose & Fulfilment

The Party Continues! DOORS OPEN AT 8am!

Carol Loi

Digital Literacy Educator & Family Coach With 2 Decades In MOE & Media Development Authority - Dec 23 - 10am Keynote Speaker

An Entrepreneur's Journey Towards Harmony In Work, Life & Family
  • How do you break from purposeless living and start living a life of significance even if you are broken or burnt out
  • How do make the most out of your precious time
  • ​ How do you develop mental toughness needed to thrive in 2021

Wong Meiling

Author at Universal Scribbles & Career Coach. Former editor for The Asian Parent - Dec 23 - 1130am

How Do Create a Side Income in 60-Days of Less Without Any Savings, Contacts Or Experience
  • How to transit from stay home mom or full-time employee to creating a side income and grow it to a full-time business
  • ​ How do I discover my unique strengths, craft offer and get paid for what I know.

Bernard Lim

Principal Trainer, Wealth College. More than 25 years experience in the financial services industry and a frequent TV & Radio interviewee Dec 21 - 3pm

6 Gs of Creating Future-Proof Wealth
  • How do you invest & grow your wealth even in an uncertain market
  • How do you preserve & protect your wealth - Multi-Generation Legacy
  • ​ How do you hedge against a slow moving economy and recession-proof your family.


Yvonne Megan - 8pm

Author & Straits Times Featured Property Expert - Dec 23 - 8pm

Having lived in rental flats for a good part of her life with a $6/hr job allowance at a bakery,  Yvonne Megan is today an established property investor,  award-winning realtor and trainer with PropNex for the last 10 years. 

Having trained more than 2,000 professionals, she wrote the book on Purpose-Driven Property Investing which will be launched during this conference. 

Yvonne Megan believes strongly that property with the right knowledge is one of the most predictable way to build your savings and to secure our family's future.

How Do You Fund Your Child's Education With One Right Property Decision Even If You Are NOT A Millionaire  
...Recession Proof Your Family & Find Your Unique Purpose In The Process
  • #1 disastrous mistake that 90% of home owners make even without knowing. 
  • 5 key phases of creating crisis-proof wealth with property even if you are NOT a millionaire 
  • ​ What is the next right move you should make for your family in this uncertain market regardless of where you are right now. 
Conference Founder

Caleb Leng

Your FAILS Don’t Make You A FAILURE
Bonus Session - Timing To Be Revealed

The co-founder of The Smart Singaporean & founder of Parents of Impact. 

Caleb & his team are passionate about bringing hope & sustainable help to a hurting world.  

On a mission to creating the LARGEST community of (Corporate & Individual) Givers

Are you guilty of staying safely in the “ideas” phase of your business?

You know what I’m talking about…

You create a VISION

You journal and brainstorm ideas…

You talk it out with people close to you...

You plan out what your life will look like when you have success... 
..Only To Avoid Taking Any REAL LIFE-CHANGING ACTION? 
  • How do you turn your brokenness & hurt into your greatest transformation
  • How do you discover your unique purpose and unlock fulfilment & happiness without quitting your job
  • ​ How do you practically turn your passion into a side hustle or business that touch lives in the process?
  • ​How do you set yourself up for inevitable success even if you are broke, broken or burnt out.
Learn The Right Mindset & Actions You Need To Fulfilment Daily Even In The Midst Of Uncertain
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
Register Now For FREE ($997 Value... You Get It For FREE)
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Thursday, December 24th

After Party: The Money Mindset Masterclass + SURPRISE BONUS

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Thanks Again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Caleb Leng
21 FREE MASTERCLASSES + Quick Win Tips By Experts In Parenting, Marriage, Business & Finance To Help You Thrive In 2021.
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See You There!
A BIG Hello From The Team Behind SPC20
(Your Self-Funded Smart Parenting Advocates!)

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